What context does the Frase AI Writer use to write content?

Frase uses a large AI model to automatically generate content for you. The quality of the AI-generated output largely relies on the quality of the input. 

Just like a human, our AI Writer needs context about what it's writing about in order to produce quality content. In other words, providing the AI Writer with helpful context will ensure a good output.

The AI Writer takes into account different types of context as it writes for you; below are some important fundamentals to keep in mind as you go about generating content with the AI Writer:

Document Title

While using "Write for me" in the editor (either through click or keyboard shortcut), Frase will always include your document's title as part of the context fed to the AI model.

Background Context

Background Context is a feature in the Frase Editor that allows you to define certain context to be used throughout the entire editor. Background Context will be used by the AI Writer regardless of how many words you've already written, or where your cursor is. We highly recommend using Background Context for every Frase Document while using the AI Writer. Learn more about Background Context.

Note that if your document is blank and "Background Context" is empty, Frase only uses your document's title as context.

On-page Context

Frase "sees" up to 4,000 characters above your cursor. This helps it take into account what has already been written and avoid repetition. In addition, the AI Writer is also sensitive to the structure and pattern of all the content present above the cursor. For example, if the content is mostly  structured as a list of bullets, then Frase will assume you want to continue with more bullets. Learn more about the importance of patterns when using Frase AI and also keyboard shortcuts that stop and start the writer.

"Write bullets" from the SERP

When using the "write bullets" button inside the SERP, Frase will leverage the content from the search result as context. To be more specific, if you click "Write bullets" inside a particular section of a search result, this allows Frase to compose something that incorporates context from the SERP and generates unique content detailing the main points from that section.

Using AI Templates

Currently, AI Templates will only use the context you feed them inside the template form. Context from the editor or the SERP is not currently used when using AI Templates. Learn more about templates in this article.