AI Drafting Feature

After compiling pieces for an outline in the Outline tab of a Frase document, click the "AI Draft" button to automatically write snippets off of the headers/questions compiled. AI Drafting is currently in a public beta.

You will need to provide "Background Context" detailing the core point(s) of your article, and select an "AI Drafting Style".

The Rewrite competitors' content option will use the context under the header to re-write the content. For this option, it's recommended to review the degree of difference between the AI-written version and the competitor's source after the draft is finished.

If the header is not from the SERP and is a custom-written header, the AI writer will use Background Context and the wording of the header itself to produce content. This is also how the Write new AI content option works.

The Summarize competitors' content option will provide points touching on the content underneath the SERP header.

Once the Background Context is filled in and AI Drafting Style is selected, click the "Start draft" button; the AI will start thinking and then begin to write output in the editor.