Generating Content From SERP Topics and Context

3 ways to use SERP with AI Writer

1. Write off of SERP Topics

To automatically get the most used keywords from our the SERP Results, start a new line and click the "+" icon, and then "Insert SERP Data --> Topic Clusters (or Topics)".

Then once Topics are pasted in, start partial sentences with the ones you find most relevant and press Command + Enter on Mac (Control + Enter on PC). For example, in the screenshot below, "prospective customers" is a topic mentioned by SERP results and off of that, is a partial sentence written. Then run the AI writer.

Shown below in the screenshot highlighted in green, you'll see the output that came out of the AI writer off of that partial sentence. 

You can also paste topics 1-by-1 from the Topic Score menu by clicking the circular paste button on the right of a topic in that section, and then write off whichever topics you paste in, instead of pasting all of the topics in the editor at once with the automation.

2. Generate content bullets off SERP Passage

You can generate content that stems off of a header and its corresponding passage in SERP results by clicking the "Write bullets" option underneath the passage as shown in the screenshot below.

After clicking "write bullets", the AI will use the context underneath the header to write main points.

3. Paste Directly From SERP, Change, Then Use AI Writer

a) Paste SERP Passages

Click a header in a SERP result and click the paragraph from the passage you want to paste into the editor.

Here's how it looks in the editor in the screenshot below, pasted in directly and the source is automatically linked to it.

Then delete the text from the SERP result that was pasted in the editor, change it however you'd like, and then run the AI writer, pressing Command + Enter on Mac (Control + Enter on PC). 

For example, the screenshot below shows that the paragraph from the source was deleted, just showing part of that first sentence (slightly edited there as well).

Then running the AI writer on this partial sentence gives the output shown highlighted in red in the screenshot below. It ends up taking a completely different slant than the initial source, as we fed the AI writer only a small piece of the original context. 

b) Paste SERP Outline

You can also paste the headers from a source in the SERP by clicking the "Paste Outline" option as show in the screenshot below.

Then you can use AI templates to write from those headers/questions pasted in the editor, or you can write a partial sentence and press Command + Enter on Mac (Control + Enter on PC) to run the AI writer as we showed earlier in this article.