In-Editor Controls

Using the "In-Editor" section is an effective way to make sure the AI Writer stays on topic and writes SEO-optimized copy when using the "write" button in the editor. 

What you write inside the Background prompt is always taken into account by the AI Writer throughout your document - regardless of how many words you've previously written. It is particularly useful when you are just starting your document and Frase doesn't have enough information about your topic or goals.

You can access the In-Editor section by clicking "AI Write" tab on the right side menu in your document, and then you'll see the Background section, Keywords to Include section, Tone of Voice section and Length section (how many words produced per click of the "write" button).

Example 1 for Background:

Let's say I want to write an article about machine learning, its use cases, and examples. In that case, I would write the following Background Context:

"I will write an article about what is machine learning, use cases, and examples."

Example 2 for Background:

Let's say I am writing about a concept that Frase might not know about, such as a new product. By using Background Context we can "teach" Frase about the product. In the example below, we wrote a description about a product called Birdie:

"Birdie, our revolutionary new backyard bird feeder with a 360 degree HD camera, attractive award-winning design, and is even squirrel-proof."

Use SERP Topics + Blacklist

Clicking the "Use SERP Topics" button will automatically place Top Topics from the Optimize tab (SERP has to be loaded for this to work). So as you click the "write" button in the editor, the AI will focus on including the topics to write well-optimized copy. See screenshot below for keywords that were included for "hip replacement surgery" document when clicking "Use SERP Topics" button.

You can also click the "Blacklist Keywords" button and specify the keywords you don't want to include (each separated by a comma). Make sure that blacklisted keywords are removed from "Keywords To Include" section if they appear there.

Tone of Voice

If you click the "Tone of Voice" section, there will be options that appear underneath that can change the tone of the in-editor AI writing. Options include:

  1. Conversational, Friendly
  2. Persuasive, Compelling
  3. First Person, Personal Experience
  4. Formal, Professional
  5. Slang, Super Casual
  6. Steve Jobs, Visionary