How to Use AI Templates

Frase AI Templates allow you to generate more controlled outputs only based on what's in the text box. Frase provides a collection of featured templates–and you can also create your own. Learn more about creating custom templates here.

You can use AI Templates inside the Frase Editor in two ways: 

- Filling out template form

- Triggering template through a Frase Command

Filling out a template form

1. Click "Templates" templates inside your Frase document on the right-side panel (under "AI Writer)

2. Select Template

3. Follow Prompt Instructions and fill out prompt variable/s

4. Select Creativity level (optional); you can click "+New Input" to add another input and run several inputs for a given template at once (optional)

5. Click "Run Template"

Triggering template through a Frase Command

Instead of filling out a form, you can trigger a template by using a Frase Command. For example, you could trigger the "Paragraph Compression" template by pressing / on an empty line in the editor to get your list of Templates, and then select "Paragraph Compression" from the list, filling it out and then running the template.

Learn more about Frase AI Commands/Inline Templates

Note that commands written or pasted in the editor can only be used for single-variable templates; you would need to get the multi-variable template by retrieving the overall template list by pressing / on an empty line in the editor.