AI Writing Tools

AI Tools allow a user to enter a certain input to get a desired output. For example, with the "Paragraph Answer" template, you could input why is SEO strategy hard? and after running the tool, the output will answer that question in a paragraph.

3 ways to access AI Writing Tools

1) From the main dashboard

Click the "AI Tools" tab from the main dashboard. There are multiple categories (SEO, Long-form, Q&A, ect.) that you can click to view different tools. Click on the tool itself to access it.

2) From AI write tab (inside Frase document)

Click "AI Write" tab on the right side of the document and then click "Tools" at the top. There are multiple categories as noted previously when mentioning AI Tools outside via the main dashboard. Click on the tool itself to access it.

3) Inline Tools (inside the Frase document editor)

Press / on an empty line in the editor, and the tool menu will pop up. Type to find, or directly select, the tool you want; add an input, and click the "Run Template" button. For in-inline tools, you can only run one input at a time. Note: any tools that you bookmark in the Tools or Community section will appear at the top of this in-line tools menu.

Multiple inputs (batching) to get multiple outputs at once

If you're using an AI Tool from the "AI Write" tab inside a Frase document, you can click the plus icon to add another input to the tool.

You can add up to 6 inputs, using a different input in each box and then clicking the "Run Tool" button to generate an output for each input. It will work in a chain-like fashion, producing 1 output after the other.