The Anatomy of Frase

There are 5 main tabs on the right-side panel in Frase:
Research: Frase analyzes the top 20 SERP results (Google results) for your search query and provides average word, header, link and image counts. The grid will show the average counts in gray text and the bolded dark text represents the content in your editor. This section also shows each of the top results, returning them as an outline with clickable content that is instantly added to the editor and cited with a link to the source. A user can then filter the top results by Headers, Questions, and Statistics; there's also access to  "News", more sources outside the top 20 and Google News, and "Wiki", which returns related topics with Wikipedia articles about them. The "Automate Content Brief" option - which gathers research and SEO data quickly with a few clicks - is in this tab as well.
  • Outline: Click the headers from the SERP results in a horizontally scrollable view to add them to a list (with drag-and-drop order ability) that can be pasted into the editor as an outline. You can also generate headers with AI or bulk-paste your own group of headings. After gathering the headers, you can generate long-form content with the AI Draft, utilizing an important setting that will focus the writing on SERP topics to create well-optimized content.
  • AI Tools: With the "In Editor" tab, you can set Background Context for the AI writer, include optimization topics, and set the tone of the "write" button in the editor. The "Tools" and "Community" section will provide AI writing tools to use (like a blog intro tool, product description tool ect.), and in the "Chat" section, you can write a command to spur an AI output. Note: you can use written commands inside the editor as well.
  • Optimize: Frase scans the top 20 search results for your query (or whichever sources you include in the list) and automatically extracts their key topics. Use this Topic Score insight to fill topic gaps and work on making your content more comprehensive. Learn more about optimization.
  • Links: Identifies external links coming from the results pulled in the Research tab. If connected to your Google Search Console, you'll also have an internal linking option based on keyword input. Check out this page to learn more about external and internal linking in Frase.

SEO Tools and AI Tools

On Frase's home screen, the "AI Tools" and "SEO Tools" tabs are present in the left-side menu.

The SEO Tools tab consists of: 

Instead of accessing AI Writer Tools in the document, the AI Tools tab produces them in a wider view, is single input (but easier to re-rerun on different creativity), and allows to start a Frase document with multiple outputs from a tool. Information regarding in-document AI Tools would be here