Wikipedia Concept Maps

The Concept Map taps into Wikipedia's knowledge graph to help you quickly visualize topics and concepts that are related to your query of interest, and give you in-depth information on a particular concept or topic.

Navigate to "SEO Tools" --> "Wikipedia Concept Map", or in a document in the Research tab, click the drop-down at the top and then select "Wikipedia Topics".

View Concept Map + Full Wiki Article

After searching/selecting the term you'd want to view the Concept Map for, Frase will visualize concepts (center) and topics related to those concepts (periphery) to help you quickly gain a high level understanding of your topic of interest. And the full Wikipedia article for that topic should appear as well, which can change by clicking any terms you'd like from the map.

Sub Topics

You can also click "subtopics" next to "Full Wiki" to view related topics to what's been selected/searched, and you can click "download topics" to export into an Excel spreadsheet.