Article Rewriter

The Article Rewriter can rewrite up to 2.5k words at once. 

Click the "SEO Tools" tab (underneath the "AI Tools" tab) and then click the "Article Rewriter" box. You can paste in the content directly as in the screenshot below, or input the URL of the page and import text from the link. Press the "Rewrite" button to run the AI rewriter.

Once it outputs a rewritten version in the right-side panel, then you can click the "edit" text on blocks to write your own copy, and the similarity percentage will decrease with unique content added. You can also click the green double-arrow circle to have the AI rewrite that block.

When finished, click the "Save into document" button at the top right, and then go ahead to Optimize in a Frase document if that's your use case, or click the double-page icon on the bottom panel (next to overall words and similarity percentage) to copy the entire rewritten version's content.