Frase Content Analytics Overview

Frase Content Analytics pulls data from Google Search Console and makes it actionable inside Frase to:

  • track and measure organic growth
  • avoid content decay
  • discover search query opportunities

Google Search Console Integration

Sign into your Google Search Console account via the Account tab --> Integrations section (screenshot below), and Frase will then have access to every site you manage under a given Google account. 

Navigating the Content Analytics Dashboard

Navigate to the "SEO Tools" tab in Frase and select "GSC Content Analytics".

You can define your default primary domain, but also easily switch between websites anytime. 

The Content Analytics Dashboard has a few main components:

  • Last 30 days and Month over month trend
  • Data table breakdown:
    • Queries
    • Pages
    • Download

Last 30 days and Month over month trend

Frase will display a few KPIs from the last 30 days.

You can click each KPI to visualize a chart for the past 12 months.

KPI Definitions:

  • Ranked Pages: number of pages driving organic traffic
  • Ranked Rate: percentage of ranked pages out of total pages
  • Impressions: amount of impressions on Google
  • Clicks: organic visits from Google
  • Clicks Growth: growth rate of organic traffic
  • Avg. Ranking: average ranking on Google across all pages
  • Avg. CTR: average click-through rate

Data Breakdown

Queries and Pages

As shown in the below screenshot, you can select either the Queries tab to see queries you have pages ranking for on Google, or select the Pages tab to see the pages themselves that are ranking on

Frase categorizes every page and query from your Google Search Console account into a "status". You can filter the data by status, and then sort columns to reach content strategy conclusions. What content is decaying and needs to be refreshed? Are there any untapped keyword opportunities that require new content?

You can also filter queries and pages by containing a word, not containing a word or via regex.

Filters and Statuses

For word and regex filters, click a filter option at the top of the page as shown in the screenshot below.

Then select the option you'd like, enter text (if applicable) and click "Apply Filter" button.

Filter options:

  • Contains: queries or pages that contain the keyword
  • Not Contains: queries or pages that don't contain the keyword
  • Matches Regex: sort by Questions, Long Tail, Commercial Intent (best, top, vs, review ect.) and Transactional Intent (buy, cheap, price, purchase, ect.)
  • Doesn't Match Regex: doesn't match the regex options noted above

You can quickly see certain data by selecting one of the statuses. Currently, Frase provides the following status options:

  • Top Result: Position is 1-10 and has not recently experienced ranking loss
  • Quick Win: Achieved 1-10 position within 3 months from publishing
  • Ranked: Generating clicks, but no leading avg. position
  • Decay: Lost more than 2 positions and clicks decreased
  • Opportunity: Position is 10-50, but impressions are growing fast
  • Unranked: No clicks generated, and weak position

Query Clusters

In the Queries tab, click "Cluster Queries" button to access clusters. With Clusters, you will quickly understand the main groups of queries your website is ranking for. You can click on each of the clusters to get more information about them. Clusters provide a high-level overview of all the key themes your website is covering.


Frase will automatically download GSC data into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the "Download" tab.