Using the Outline Builder

Content marketing comes down to one thing: you’re creating content for an audience. And, this audience has questions – they have an intent as they search (which is why they’re called search queries). Keeping this principle in mind is important if you want to create content that attracts high-quality organic traffic.

We built the Outline Builder to help you design–in seconds– a quality content outline that matches your audience's search intent.

A Content Outline in 5 Steps

1. Identify Related Keywords

By identifying keywords related to topics of interest, Frase makes it easy to drill into suggested questions and headers.

To get started, enter a topic of interest in the search bar. In the below example, we're using "Digital Marketing."

Frase will automatically return related keywords (highlighted in blue).

Monthly Search Volume (highlighted in red) is an add-on feature available as part of our SEO Add-on.

2. Explore Different Keyword Types 

Through the keyword modifier dropdown (shown below) you can filter through different keyword types to better match searcher intent. There are three types of modifiers: 

  • Question Keywords (what, how, why, etc). These are the most common, and all Frase users have unlimited access to these. 
    • Example: What is Digital Marketing?
  • Commercial Keywords (top, best, compare, etc). These are ideal for attracting bottom-of-the-funnel traffic and are available through the SEO Add-on.
    • Example: Best Marketing Agencies in New York
  • Informational Keywords (How-to, guide, etc). These are great for attracting traffic that's looking to consume content and are available through the SEO Add-on.
    • Example: How to Start a Marketing Agency

3. Identify Related Questions and Headers

After you select a keyword that you want to design content around, Frase will automatically load related questions and suggested headers (in red below). You can use these as headers in your outline. 

Click the drop-down carrot (show below), and Frase will reveal additional related questions.

You can add these questions as headers to your outline in the next step

4. Adding your Questions and Headers to your Outline

Once you've identified the components you want to write about, you can add them to your outline (the third column).

Simply check the box next to the question or header you'd like to include. It will automatically add itself to your outline.

You can repeat this process with multiple keywords.

Eventually, your outline will start to look like this:

5. Turn your Outline into a Document

When you're finished with your outline, click "Create Document" and Frase will automatically generate a new Document with your outline embedded in it.