How to use the SEO Data Add-on


Frase's SEO Data Add-on is designed for SEO professionals that use search volume, backlink, and domain authority data in their content workflow.

The add-on unlocks the following capabilities:

  • Expand question research, including Monthly Search Volume and Google’s People Also Ask
  • Create documents for up to 5 queries
  • Create documents filtered by up to 5 domains
  • Get Domain Authority data for each search result in the editor
  • Get Backlink data for each search result in the editor
  • Incorporate Domain Authority and Backlink insight into topic scoring

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use each of these capabilities: 

Expand Question Research

We've expanded question research by including questions sourced from Google's People Also Ask. Now, question research includes questions sourced from Search Autocomplete, Reddit, Quora, and People Also Ask.

Along with the new question source, we've included monthly search volume for questions/topics coming from Google's Search Autocomplete and People Also Ask. This critical SEO data will help you identify the questions and topics that will draw organic traffic. 

Create Documents for Up to 6 Queries

The SEO Data Add-on allows you to expand the number of search queries used to generate a document. Where previously you were limited to 2 queries, you can now use up to 6. 

This will help ensure you create content capable of ranking for multiple queries.  

Create Documents Filtered by up to 5 Domains

Interested in generating a content brief off of content from specific websites? You can now create documents filtered by up to 5 domains, ensuring the research Frase provides is as relevant as possible.

Get Domain Authority Data for Each Search Result in the Editor

In the overview section of your editor, Frase now provides data that includes average domain authority and average backlinks for the sources used to generate your content brief. This data will help paint a clearer picture of the content competitive landscape. 

In addition to showing you averages, Frase also shows domain authority and backlink data for each individual source used to generate your content brief. 

Click on the Summaries tab in the research toolbar to access this data. 

Then, look for the word count, domain authority, and backlink data next to the source URL (shown in blue).

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