Community AI Tools

To check out AI writer tools outside of the default ones provided by Frase, navigate to "AI Write" tab, and then "Community" as shown in the screenshot below. These tools are created by Frase users and the most used ones can produce great output. 

Note that you'll have to bookmark Community tools - clicking the bookmark icon on the top right edge of a tool - to allow it to rise to the top of the regular "Tools" section and to the top of the in-line tools menu.

If you've created a custom tool, check the "Share with Frase Community" checkbox (as shown in the screenshot below) to add to the Community list. Unchecking the box will then remove it from the list.

Use multiple inputs (batching) to get multiple outputs at once

If you're using a Community Tool from the "AI Write" tab inside a Frase document, you can click the plus icon to add another input to the tool.

You can add up to 6 inputs, using a different input in each box and then clicking the "Run Tool" button to generate an output for each input. It will work in a chain-like fashion, producing 1 output after the other.