How to Create and Share Custom AI Templates

Frase allows you to customize the output of the AI Writer via Custom AI Templates.

So for example, if you always include five question and answer pairs in an FAQ section, you could design a custom AI Template to ensure that the AI Writer creates an output that matches that exact criteria. 

There are two types of custom templates: Single Variable and Multi Variable.

Single Variable Templates

Single variable templates are simple to design and use.

Multi-variable AI Templates

Frase also allows you to create more advanced multi-variable templates. Watch the video below to see an example

How to share templates with Frase users (outside of Team)

If you are looking to give another user in Frase access to a custom template outside of your Team, click on that custom template and then click the green "Share" button and copy the link there, and send this link to the other user.

When that user puts this link into the browser (needs to be logged into Frase in that browser), the template will appear and the user will want to press the "Import Template" button (as pictured below) to gain access to that template.