Pro Add-on Features

Frase's Pro Add-on is designed for SEO professionals that use search volume, backlink, and domain authority data in their content workflow. And it also unlocks unlimited AI writing defined by our Fair Use PolicyNote: without the add-on, the AI writer will be able to run for 4k words/month. This limit will reset on the 1st of every month at 12AM UTC time.

To activate the Pro Add-on to your account, navigate to Account-->Subscription--> "purchase addon" button.

The add-on unlocks the following capabilities:

  • AI Writer (unlimited as defined by our Fair Use Policy - 80k words/day): AI Tools + Article Rewriter + AI Draft and more
  • Monthly Search Volume in Outline Builder & Topic Planner:
    • Monthly Search Volume (MSV) unlocked in Autosuggest keyword section of Outline Builder
    • Monthly Search Volume (MSV) unlocked in Sub-topics section of Topic Planner
  • Domain Data (Domain Authority and Backlink data):
    • Get Domain Authority & Backlink data for each search result in the editor
    • Incorporate Domain Authority and Backlink insight into topic scoring
  • Document Settings:
    • Create documents for up to 4 queries (up to 2 queries included without add-on)
    • Create documents filtered by up to 5 domains (up to 2 domains included without add-on)

Enabling the Pro Add-on in your Account

The Pro Add-on is an additional $35/month for all customers. To enable it in your account, simply navigate to the Account tab --> Subscription page, and click the "purchase add-on" button.

AI Writer: Tools and more

In AI Tools which can be accessed via AI Writer tab --> "Tools"  (or "Community") in a Frase document, you can add multiple inputs by clicking "+ new input" text and run through these inputs at once. Or you can access the AI Tools tab outside of a document from the main dashboard (but will not be able to use multi-input here).

With AI Tools, you can answer a question with the "Paragraph Answer" tool or write a blog introduction with "Blog Introduction"; maybe you'd want to re-write a paragraph, so use "Paragraph Rewriter" and put the creativity up in the 3-5 range, or if you'd like longer form output, you could select the "long form" category and choose tools from there.

The in-editor writer (using the "write" button) works best when you start part of a sentence to give the AI some leading context, and then press the "write" button. The AI will read 4,000 characters above the cursor. You can type ### on an empty line to cut off the in-editor writer writer from looking above that point.

Learn more about other AI writing features by clicking the text below:

Outline Builder & Topic Planner Monthly Search Volume

With the Pro Add-on, Monthly Search Volume (MSV) is included in the Outline Builder and Topic Planner. This critical SEO data will help you identify the questions and topics that will draw high-intent organic traffic. 

Navigate to the "SEO Tools" tab and click "Outline Builder" to access, and then search a keyword.

For the Topic Planner, navigate to the "SEO Tools" tab and click "Topic Planner" to access, and then search a query.

Create Documents for Up to 5 Queries

The Pro Add-on allows you to expand the number of search queries used to generate a document. Where previously you were limited to 2 queries, you can now use up to 5. 

This will help ensure you create content capable of ranking for multiple queries.

Create Documents Filtered by up to 5 Domains

Interested in generating a content brief off of content from specific websites? You can now create documents filtered by up to 5 domains, ensuring the research Frase provides is as relevant as possible. 

Creating content using research from a select number of websites is a great way to design content to specifically compete with specific websites. Click "advanced settings" text on the new document window to show "Search Type", and then select "results from a specific domain".

Domain Authority and Backlink Data

Frase shows Domain Authority and Backlink data for each individual source in the Research tab. Notice in the image below that the source shows Domain Authority (abbreviated DA) and Backlinks (abbreviated links).

From the "Optimize" on the right side menu, and after clicking "Competitors", you'll be able to see the DA and backlinks of the sources from the Research tab and also can view their respective Topic Scores.

DA and Backlinks are also visible in the Outline tab after clicking the "Select Headings from Search Results" button and also in the "Visualize SERP Metrics" chart via the Research tab.