Change Bot on Certain Page

The bot image and name can be changed for the entire site, but can't be changed based on the page it's on.

However, the welcome message, default chat greeting, default greeting buttons and fallback message can be customized per page via the "Customer Journey" section.  Note: learn more about greeting buttons (on this page) and default messages/greetings (on this page).

Click on the "Assistants" tab on the left, then click on the chatbot name to see the Customer Journey section. The Default Journey (shown in the screenshot below) is what shows across the pages the bot appears on by default.

But clicking "Custom Journeys" next to "Default Journey" will allow a specific journey to be created for specific page(s). Then after clicking "+ New Journey" in the "Custom Journey" section, the customization form appears.

Key pieces to know about custom journeys

  • Save journey: Click the "Create Journey" or "Update Journey" button at the bottom of the form to save your work.
  • URL Pattern field: Under "Journey Name", the URL Pattern field specifies what page the journey will go live on if the bot is already live. After putting in the URL of the page you want it to appear on, saving the journey will put it live on that page. So keep the URL Pattern field empty if you don't want to put it live yet.
  • URL Hash Trigger field: To preview a saved journey in your Test Sandbox, enter a word or two in the "URL Hash Trigger" field. For example, the URL Hash for a billing page could be something like #BillingPage. Then when opening the Test Sandbox from the button at the top right, paste the url hash at the end of the url (example in screenshot below) and press enter/return on your keyboard.