Greeting Buttons (VIDEO)

To add or remove default greeting buttons, that can be done after clicking on the "Assistants" tab on the left and clicking your chatbot's name. 

Then click on "Customer Journey" and the Default Greeting Buttons area will appear.

Add or remove default greeting buttons

Search question from dataset (add button): If you trained a question/entry with an appropriate answer previously, type where is says "search question from dataset". Questions/entries from your dataset will appear if it contains the word you're typing. 

Click the question you want to add, and then click Save Changes at the top right to have the button appear on the bot. 

+Train New Question (add button): If you haven't trained anything in the past that you want to add as a button, click "+Train New Question". Note that the question will be what appears as your button text. After it's trained, refresh page and navigate back to Customer Journey -- then use "search question from dataset" to add it; to have it appear on the bot after added, click Save Changes at the top right.

Remove greeting button: To remove a greeting button, click the X icon on the button under "Default Greeting Buttons" and then click Save Changes button.

Note: If your bot isn't live, click the Test Sandbox button at the top right and then click the bot at the bottom right corner to see how your greeting buttons for a Default Journey look.