Change Bot Text, Image and Color (VIDEO)

The majority of the bot's text can be changed in the Customer Journey section, which appears after clicking your Assistant tab on the left and then on the chatbot's name. After editing any of the fields shown in the screenshot below, click the Save Changes button in the top right corner to keep the edits.

Welcome Message: Before someone opens the bot but sees the chatbot on the page, this message will be visible.

Default Chat Greeting: Right after someone opens the bot, this message will be visible within the bot. 

Fallback Message: If the bot doesn't know an answer to the question, this message will show.

Note: links can be included in the Default Chat Greeting and Fallback Message by highlighting the text you wish to link.

Change positive rating (thumbs up) and negative rating (thumbs down) messages

In the "Other Settings" section, messages that appear when an answer gets a Positive Rating (thumbs up) or Negative Rating (thumbs down) can be edited and have linkable text when highlighted. Once edited, click the Save Changes button at the top right.

Change bot image and color (also chatbot name)

Scrolling down in the Widget Display to change the bot color, click the square underneath "Brand color" and to change the chatbot photo, click the image under "Avatar" where you can upload an image or gif from your computer.

The name of the chatbot can be edited at the top of the Widget Display section.