Moving Between, or Writing Within Paragraphs?

So maybe you've used some AI Tools to get output on questions or headers or have sentences already written in the editor, but you want to continue a paragraph or transition between multiple paragraphs with the AI writer.

The AI is sensitive to context so you can target specific sentences within a paragraph in a multitude of ways.

4 Methods to Build Off/Write Within a Paragraph

1) Partial Sentence Method with the "write" button

This method involves manually altering the sentence or writing your own partial sentence, and then running the AI writer to complete the rest by pressing the "write " button, or pressing keyboard shortcuts, Command + Enter (on Mac) or Control + Enter (on a PC).

In the screenshot below, the user changed "This process can be very complex because there are....." to "This process can be very complex since it is" and puts the cursor in a blank space right after "is", then runs the Command keyboard shortcut or clicks "write" button.

The output from the writer is shown below in red. It's essentially an autocomplete of the paragraph that then branches off to another paragraph.

If it's not working well in the editor, click  AI Writer --> Community and type "Half Sentence" in the search field; then click on the SEO Half Sentence --> Paragraph Finisher tool.

2) Utilizing Community AI Tools

Besides the "SEO Half Sentence --> Paragraph Finisher" AI tool in the Community section, there are a host of other ones that use certain inputs to get content back. Here are a few to try (with multi-paragraph output):

  • "Paragraphs from Scratch": creates multiple paragraphs of output based on an H1 (overarching idea) and an H2 (subconcept to the H1)
  • "Paragraphs from Keywords": creates multiple paragraphs of output based on an H1 (overarching idea) an H2 (subconcept to the H1) and also 1-3 listed keywords
  • "Paragraphs from Facts": creates multiple paragraphs from H1 (higher level concept), two sentence background of subtopic, 1-4 points about subtopic and an H2

3) Using Transitions and Paragraph Rewriter

Want the AI to direct you to another thought with a transition? Or is there content already created that could work, but it needs a rewrite? Check out how to use Transitions on this page, and the in-line paragraph rewriter on this page.

4) Using ### to focus context

If you have a lot of randomly placed text in your editor and are working down the page, you might want to limit where the AI reads. Type or paste 3 hashtags on a blank line so that Frase will not account for the text above that point as context, only what's underneath the ### and to the left of your cursor will be taken into account. This helps focus context and can lead to improved AI writing.