Paragraph and Sentence Rewriter

Frase allows you re-work specific passages by highlighting the section in your document editor.

After highlighting text in your editor, click "Rewrite" (screenshot below) and then select "Sentence by Sentence" if you want to rewrite per sentence or "Paragraph by Paragraph" if you'd want to rewrite per paragraph. 

Below is an example of a highlighted and it's given rewritten versions of "Neutral". This is the default writing mode, but you can aim for more variation of language with the "creative" option or aim for a short summary of the paragraph with the "Shorten" option. You can click the double-document button on the right side of the input to swap it with the corresponding paragraph in the editor, and the rewrite will start working on the next highlighted sentence or paragraph (if there is one). There's also an option to "load more" outputs by clicking the text at the bottom of the popup window.

Below is an example of how the sentence rewriter window looks. Highlighting several paragraphs or sentences will allow you to click the arrow button (in the top right corner) to rewrite the next highlighted paragraph or sentence.