Training Chatbot (VIDEO)

When the chatbot is live (or before it's live) on your website, the bot may answer some questions/entries incorrectly in which case you'd want to train the question/entry with the appropriate answer. This training allows future answers to be improved.

Most of the training, when the bot is live, will take place from the Home tab.

But you can also train from the Analytics tab before the bot goes live (or after).

The training window is what presents options for training!

In this article, we'll cover:

  • How to use the training window
  • Accessing the training window from the Home tab (if bot is live)
  • Accessing the training window from the Analytics tab (before bot is live or after)

How to use the training window


The question section will show the entry/question someone entered into the bot. 

Add variant: Adding a variant allows you to put in variations of the question/entry, so that the bot will more likely understand variations of the wording of questions/entries when entered into the bot in the future.

Note: If you're creating a new trained answer for a default greeting button from the Customer Journey tab, the question section will be blank. In this case, the question section is your button text. Read more about greeting buttons on this page.

Answer type

New Answer: The 'New Answer' section should be used if the answer hasn't been trained in the past. Any of the text here can be highlighted and linked to your desired page, and can be formatted into a numbered or bullet list. Once done, click "Submit for Training" button. 

If the answer has been trained in the past, though, you may want to use 'Variant of existing' to train it easily.

Variant of existing: If the question/entry was trained in the past, type in the main word and you'll see boxes populate with previously trained questions/entries. Click the one that makes the most sense and click "Submit for Training" button.

URL Destination: If the question/entry hasn't been trained in the past and you don't wish to write custom text, but would rather show the url of the page to click, paste in the URL of the page you want the answer to provide and click "Submit for Training" button.

Advanced customization (buttons) for 'New Answer' answer type

Buttons: If the question/entry is too general and you're unsure of how to answer it, make sure "Buttons" is selected and click "+add button". Clicking  "+add button" multiple times will create spaces to add multiple buttons so that you can provide several potential pages that could answer a general question/entry. Each space will have a text field for the text of the button and also the link the button will lead to.

Access training window from the Home tab (if bot is live)

After clicking the "Home" tab on the left, check off the questions/entries you'd want to train (you can train multiple at once here). Then click the "Train" text that appears at the bottom of the screen. The training window described above will now appear. 

The "Dismiss" option will remove the questions/entries from the Home view, but keeps them saved in the dataset. The "Delete" option will remove them from the view and delete them from the dataset permanently.

Latest Questions: This section will show the most recent questions/entries that have come into the bot.

Consider Training: This section will show any questions/entries with low-confidence answers or downvoted answers.

Downvoted: This section will show any questions/entries with downvoted answers.

Access training window from Analytics tab (before bot is live or after)

After clicking the "Analytics" tab on the left, click the "Feed" section and a list of recent questions/entries will appear. Select the question/entry you wish to train and then click the pencil icon on the right. 

If you wish to ask test questions/entries before going live, click the "Test Sandbox" button at the top right and click on the bot in the bottom right corner of the following page. Enter your question/entry there. Then go back to the page screenshotted above, and click on the box at the top to make sure "test logs" is showing. Now, any questions/entries into your "Test Sandbox" should show - and can be trained from the pencil icon on the right side.

From the main "Overview" section, questions can also be trained from "Top Topics-Mentions" section (down the page) as shown in the screenshot below.