Visualize SERP Metrics

The "SERP Visualizer" feature inside a Frase document can help you understand the SEO data across the results pulled into Frase. 

To find the "SERP Visualizer" button, you'll first select the "Research" tab in the document. Right above the first result, you should see a small button that says chart when you hover over it.

Once you select "Chart", you'll see a window pop-up. In this window, you can see a visual graph of different metrics for the top 20 results for your query. The metrics you can view for the processed SERP results are Word Count, Topic Score, Headings and Images, while Backlinks and Domain Rating come with the Pro add-on (features noted here).

If the document created has multiple queries (as in the screenshot below), you can select the one you wish to view metrics for. You can also click the pencil icon to edit the queries of the document as a whole, which will also change the SERP visualizer.