How to Train an Answer as a Variant

As you train answers over time, you will find the need to train answers of a variant of something you already trained before.

You can simply choose the "Variant of Existing" option, and beginning to type in the answer section will populate pre-existing answers from your dataset to select and apply. 

So if we trained an answer about the Frase heatmap, for example, and it was saved in the dataset as "topic heat map", it should appear when you start to type in "heat". And then selecting "topic heat map" will apply the answer automatically. Read about training answers in general here if you haven't already.

Paraphrase/Add Variants

You can select the "+ Paraphrase variants" option to automatically trigger variations of the question so that the bot will have a wider expanse of knowledge. 

In the below screenshot, "affiliate" was the original question, and clicking "paraphrase variants" gave more options below it. You can also edit the output for "paraphrase variants" once created by pressing the trash icon to delete certain ones, and you can add a variant field manually by clicking "+add variant".