Training Your Assistant to Make it Smarter

For many different reasons, your visitors may have questions that your content (and by extension your Frase Assistant) is not capable of answering. 

In these scenarios, you want to make sure that you're providing your Assistant with the context it needs to provide a frictionless experience. This guide will walk you through the steps you should take to make your Assistant even smarter than your website's content.

More specifically, we'll cover: 

  • Creating your First Dataset
  • Periodically Training your Assistant 
    • Marking answers as correct or incorrect
    • Training incorrect or unknown answers
      • Training new answers 
      • Training answers as variants 
      • Training answers off URL's

Creating Your First Dataset

A dataset is a list of question and answer pairings that allow you to provide specific "trained" answers to specific questions. Creating a dataset at the outset will make sure your Assistant is ready to answer common questions right out of the gate. 

To create your first dataset, follow the steps below: 

1. Create a Dataset

Navigate to "Answers" > "Datasets" and click "New Dataset".

You will have to name your Dataset, and connect to an existing Assistant.

2. Train New Answers

Think of your Dataset as a collection of FAQs that are connected to your Assistant's knowledge base.

Click "New Question" to train your first answer. The answer training module has a few options:

  • Question: the question you want to train an answer for
  • Answer: the body of the answer. You can include hyperlinks and images in this section.
  • Buttons: call-to-actions buttons with hyperlinks.
  • Follow-up Questions: this allows to displays buttons that are connected to other trained answers.
  • Email Capture: display email capture form after providing the answer.
  • Live-chat button: display live chat call-to-action after providing the answer.

Periodically Training Your Assistant

To ensure that your Assistant remains up-to-snuff, it's important that you periodically train it. By training your Assistant once or twice a week, it will become smarter and will be able to answer a wider variety of questions. 

Marking Answers as Correct or Incorrect

Marking answers as correct or incorrect is the fastest and simplest way to train answers. When you mark an answer as "correct" you're essentially telling your Assistant that it did a good job. Your Assistant will be confident the next time it sees a question that's semantically similar to the one you've marked as being correct, and will provide the same (correct) answer. 

The more frequently you perform this quick process, the smarter your Assistant will become. 

To get started, navigate to your Assistant. Then click "View Analytics."

Once you're on your Analytics page, click "Feed."

Then, for each question your visitor asked, review the answer the Assistant provided. If it's correct, mark it as correct. If it's incorrect, mark it as incorrect and train the answer (described in the next step).

Training Incorrect or Unknown Answers 

Occasionally, your Assistant will provide an incorrect or unknown answer to a question. It's easy to train your Assistant in these scenarios to make sure it doesn't provide the same incorrect answer to the same question in the future.

Training New Answers

First click "Incorrect" when you see that an answer is wrong (if the answer is unknown, Frase will skip this step and immediately prompt you to train a new answer).

Then, type the correct answer to the question. If applicable, add buttons, follow up questions, email capture, or live chat as part of the answer. 

Training Answers as Variants 

Occasionally, you'll want to train an incorrect answer as a variant of an answer you've already trained. 

Sounds confusing, so here's an example. Imagine, last week someone asked "How do I contact Support" and you trained your Assistant to respond "You can contact our support team by emailing" Now, this week, a different user has asked you Assistant "Can I talk to a human" and has gotten an incorrect answer.

Instead of training the same answer twice in this scenario, you can train your Assistant to recognize the question "Can I talk to a human" as a variant of the question "How do I contact Support." In such scenarios, your Assistant will provide the same answer to both questions.

To train an answer as a variant, simply "variant" instead of "new answer" on the training screen. 

Start typing in the "train as variant of existing intent" and Frase will automatically populate existing questions for you to choose from.

Training Answers off URL's

Sometimes your Assistant gets an answer wrong when there's content available that's capable of providing the correct answer.

If this happens, you can direct the Assistant's attention to the URL that contains the correct answer. Next time that question is asked, Frase will only look at that URL when looking for an answer. 

Training via a URL destination is the simplest training method, just click "URL Destination" and enter the URL of your choice.