Testing your Assistant Before Installation

Before your install your Assistant on your website, you'll want to test it and make sure its capable of answering basic questions your audience may ask. 

When testing your assistant, ask questions you're confident your content is capable of answering. If your Assistant gets the question wrong, you'll know that something likely went wrong during the setup process. 

You should also ask your Assistant common questions that your visitors or customers ask. Sometimes answers to these questions can't be found in website content, so this is a good opportunity to train your Assistant ahead of making it live on your site. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Test Sandbox

To begin testing your Assistant, simply click on the “Test Sandbox” button at the top of your Assistant Settings page. 

Step 2: Test your Assistant

Once in your Assistant Test Sandbox, your screen should look like this: 

There are two key elements inside your sandbox: 

  1. A summary of the content your Assistant has consumed.
  2. A fully-functional Assistant

Test your Assistant by asking it questions that should be answerable by leveraging existing website content. 

Step 3: Review Test Analytics

You can keep track of questions answered on the Assistant Test Sandbox. This is particularly useful if you share the sandbox URL with someone else, as you can review analytics later.

To do so, select the “View Analytics” button at the top of your Assistant Settings page. 

Once in the Analytics Dashboard, switch from the “Live Logs” setting to the “Test Logs” setting (show below). This view will start to populate analytics as new questions are asked.