Implementation Timeline

This is the typical post-sale timeline for CivicPlus customers.

  1. Pre go-live call: At this point, the municipality's chatbot should be set up with default information and the website crawled to supplement the bot with initial information. Discuss how to customize the bot appearance, how to train it, populate greeting buttons, ect.
  2. Go-live: Typically 1-2 weeks (can be longer depending on the customer's needs) after the pre go-live call, the bot will go live on the site. This date is usually determined in the pre go-live call, and going live consists of sending an email to CivicPlus support to install the code on the website. Once installed properly, the bot should be live!
  3. Post go-live call: Typically occurs at least 3 weeks after going live in order to have enough information in the Analytics to analyze. Discuss how to move forward with customizing the bot based on the information that's come into the bot already (main topics coming in, what page the bot's being interacted with on, ect.)
  4. Future calls dependent on customer needs: After the post go-live call, oftentimes there are periodic working sessions, or appointments to discuss recent developments with the bot. There's no set timeline for these calls, but usually, once a month or once per quarter.