Live Chat vs. Email Capture

The Frase chatbot doesn't have live chat ability built-in, though there's potential for it to hand off to chat providers that already exist on a website.

But typically, instead of using live chat that requires a nearly instant response from an employee, our email capture option is used. 

This allows a chatbot user to enter their email into a text field that will appear within the bot (screenshot below) - and the user's email, name (optional) and note for extra context (optional) will get sent as a notification to a municipality email specified in your account.

In addition to the information from the screenshot above, the notification sent to the municipality email will contain the user's question(s)/entries into the bot and the page on which the user was interacting with the bot.

This email capture field can be set per answer, but more commonly, it's switched on if:

  • the chatbot doesn't know the answer to an entry/question
  • someone using the chatbot downvotes an answer

To edit the email to which the notification gets sent, and also to set whether it shows for unknown answers, downvoted answers or both, navigate to the "Assistants" tab on the left, click the chatbot's name and click the "Customer Journey" section (scrolling down that page to see the screenshot below). When done editing, make sure to click the "Save Changes" button at the top right.

On the page shown in the screenshot above, there are more editing possibilities:

  • the message (CTA message) shown after a downvoted/negative rating is given
  • the message that appears after the email is captured (at the bottom of the page)