Edit Previously Trained Answers (VIDEO)

To edit previously trained questions/entries or answers, navigate to the "Knowlege" tab and click the existing dataset (it might say "trained answers") where that answer resides.

There's the ability to search the question/entry in the top right, and when you find the proper trained question-answer pair, click the pencil icon (screenshot below) and the training window will appear. Edit any of the trained question-answer content and then click "submit for training" button at the bottom of the window to save the changes.

A new question can also be added to your dataset from this page, by clicking the "New Question" button at the top right.

Note: if you want to edit a previously trained in your bot settings via the Assistants tab, navigate to the "Knowledge" tab and click the "preview" text next to the dataset (screenshot below) to open up the dataset preview.