Add Another Site to Chatbot Knowledge

To add another website to your chatbot's knowledge, first go to the "Knowledge" tab on the left side; then click "new crawl" button to the right.

Enter the site's domain and click "Extract pages" button. 

Once the crawl is finished, add it to your chatbot by navigating to the "Assistant" tab, clicking the chatbot name and then click "Knowledge". Then, click on the "Select crawl" dropdown (screenshot attached) and click the crawl that you wish to add. Finally, click the "Save Changes" button at the top right corner.

What if the website crawl doesn't go through?

If the message "pages weren't able to be extracted" comes up and the crawl never starts, the website can't be crawled which could be due to the lack of sitemap, robot.txt file issue or password protection. There are alternate ways to add information to the bot, such as importing via Excel or manually adding via the dataset in Frase.

If importing via Excel, first create a new dataset from the "Knowledge" tab and then while in the dataset, click the "Import from Excel" button at the top right corner.

A screenshot of the Excel format to be imported is shown in the screenshot below. Note: CTA 1 and CTA Link 1 refer to button text and button links respectively, and there can be multiple buttons per question-answer so CTA 2 and CTA Link 2, and so on.

To manually add information via a dataset, click "New Question" button (in the top right next to "Import for Excel" button) in the dataset. Provide the question-answer pairing via the training window before clicking the "Submit for Training" button.