AI Draft Instructions

After you compiling your header structure in the "Outline" tab, the next step is to click the "Instructions" button. 

In the "Instructions" section, you can add specific points, facts/stats or company-specific data that the AI wouldn't be able to provide on its own. Clicking the "write instructions with AI" button will use the context from the search results in the Research tab to generate high-level bullets per heading (which can be edited based on your needs).

When you are ready to generate the draft based on the instructions across all headers, click the "Generate Draft" button above "Article instructions".

There are two types of instructions: instructions per heading and article instructions. Instructions per heading are instructions that are applied to the content of individual headers, while article instructions are applied to the article in its entirety.

Instructions per heading

Starting an instruction with a word like "explain", "describe" or "mention" are good starters if writing about concepts or certain angles you want the AI to take.

For adding more specific information to instructions, using a colon after a phrase that starts with a word like "include" or "reference" is a go-to method. For example, on a service page, one may write "Reference this fact:" and add discounts the company may provide for its service, or "Reference this information:" and note the locations where the company serves.

More examples below!

Add statistic to instructions

To write an instruction to include a statistic in the draft, it would look something like "Reference this statistic: [insert statistic here]" (example pictured below).

Company-specific and/or general factual information

It would look similar when including a fact --> "Reference this fact: [insert information here]" (example pictured below) or "Reference this information: [insert information here]".

You could even instruct the AI to write a CTA about the company you're writing about (example below).

To then turn those instructions into paragraphs in the editor, click the "Execute instructions" button. 

Article instructions

At the top of the Instructions panel, the "Article instructions" box will be available to apply specifics like tone, number of paragraphs per heading and the format of writing.

For example, I've added 3 instructions that are shown in the screenshot below:  

- Each section should be 3 paragraphs or less

- Don't write lists, all should be in paragraph form

- Write in a convincing tone

When it comes to the paragraph limit of the sections, the AI writing may still go past what you tell it to stay under; for example, if there are several bullets with various topics in a header's instructions, it may write 3 paragraphs instead of 2 paragraphs despite the instructions to stay at 2 paragraphs or less. Reducing the instruction bullets or the keywords in the specific header(s) may allow it to work better. 

You could also try to exclude certain words the AI produce; for example,  - Don't use the words "in summary", "in conclusion" or "in this article. While this may not get rid of those entirely, it will likely reduce the frequency of those words.