AI Tool Variable Naming Convention

When creating custom AI tools, you can name your variables following Frase's naming convention. This will allow you to automatically fill out AI tool inputs inside the Frase editor.

These are the variable names that are currently supported, and how they map to elements inside the editor:

  • keyword: the document's search query
  • title: the document's title (of your current tab)
  • introduction: the 1st paragraph in the editor 
  • heading: the last heading in the editor OR the last heading prior to cursor
  • paragraph: the last paragraph in the editor OR the last paragraph prior to cursor
  • passage: the paragraph up to the last heading from your cursor
  • article: the full text in the editor


In the example below, we have a custom AI tool that used title, introduction and heading as the variable names. As a result, those fields were automatically filled out based on the document's context: