AI Writer Demo

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Table of contents and notes

0:00 - 2:46: Introduction to content brief (very similar to an outline)

2:46 - 5:06: Create content brief with Frase Chat

5:06 - 13:30: Write content for content brief's headers using Community AI Tool

15:00 - 19:30: Introduction to Frase's SEO Draft

19:30 - 28:08: Write detailed outline for blog (using written command), paste headers for SEO Draft and run draft

28:10 - 39:30: Write detailed outline for landing page (using written command), paste headers for AI Draft and run draft. Note: for landing page creation, you can also navigate to "AI Write" tab in the right-side panel --> "Tools" at the top and search "AIDA" or "PAS formula". Both of those tools are meant for landing page copy.

39:38 - end: Using written commands to write short-form content (Google Ad titles, social media captions, product descriptions). Note: for Instagram captions, you can also navigate to "AI Write" tab in the right-side panel --> "Tools" at the top and search "Instagram" or "Instagram caption" -- and for product descriptions, type "product" or "product description".

Key element to note for short/medium-form writing in bulk with "Commands" tool: You can write with different commands at once through the "AI Write" tab--> "Tools" --> type "Commands" in the search bar to get that "Commands" tool; this tool will allow you the write with up to 6 commands at once, the AI running through them in a chain-like fashion (click the "+" icon to add another space for new command -- up to 6 spaces available). For example, two different commands could be "10 meta descriptions about..." and "7 social media captions with hashtags about..."; and try on 3, 4 or 5 creativity (green knob slider shown - click here to learn more) if you'd like to mix it up a bit from 1 creativity.

Written input for Frase Chat to generate content brief -- starts at 2:46 in video

Write a detailed SEO content brief for the keyword: **insert keyword or title here** that includes the target keyword, the user intent, content format (eg: listicle, guide, service page, product page, review post, comparison article, how to article), suggested page title with less than 61 characters, write an introduction in less than 40 words that answers the question related to the keyword, suggested actionable headings with subheadings attached, and a conclusion and call to action --> Note: this can also be used in "Commands" AI tool instead of Frase Chat