Webinar: AI Writer Content Creation

Note: if video above has trouble loading after pressing play, try reloading/refreshing the page and attempting again

0:00 - Slideshow about Frase's AI writer

8:51 - Intro to AI Tools categories in Frase

15: 40 - Running long form tool and into editor

18: 46 - Write button usage

Write directly about topics

23: 54 - Get topic gaps from Optimize tab, write directly on topics using "Include Keywords" tool

Blog Intro

28: 10 - starting from blank page: use an inline tool for blog introduction and write from there

Generate Headers

30: 15 - use Outline tool for headers
31: 33 - use "Blog H2 Generator" tool for headers

Write Paragraphs From Headers

33: 18 - write paragraphs from headers w/ "paragraphs from scratch [orig]"
37: 56 - write paragraphs from headers w/ "paragraphs from scratch [alt]"
39: 11 - write paragraphs from headers w/ "paragraphs from keywords"
Outside of webinar  (video linked here) : write paragraphs from headers w/background context --> note: this is one of the best if the AI is seeded with 1 or more paragraphs of solid context, and can be used for multiple styles of content.

Standalone options (AI SERP Draft and Article Rewriter)

40:44 - beginning of AI Draft from Outline tab

43: 23 - beginning of Article Rewriter