SEO Content Creation Demo

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Table of contents

0:00 - 10:45: Overview of the main dashboard (Documents tab, AI Tools tab, SEO Tools tab)

10:49 - 19:06: Create new document + overview of Research tab and citing research inside the document

19:07 - 23:30: Create Automated Content Brief (via Research tab) and export it

23:39 - 32:25: Use "Outline" tab to create a header structure, import brief/outline template and use "Commands" AI writing tool to create bullets for the headers

32:55 - 34:30: Use / key to write an introduction and conclusion for the outline

34:39 - 44:24: Generate SEO-optimized AI Draft and optimize it further (using a bit of Community AI Tools and finishing w/ showing Links tab)

44:25 - end: Question-Answer portion

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