Bulk Import Documents

There are two ways to bulk create documents in Frase.

1. "Import" text on the Team plan

The "Import" text appears only for subscribers to the Team plan. You can click the gray "Import" text next to the "New Document" button in the Documents dashboard to download up to 100 documents at once.

Put your list of keywords in the 1st column of your Excel sheet, and a document will be created from each row of that 1st column. In the screenshot below, for example, there are 4 keywords down the first column, so 4 documents will be created -- one from each row.

2. From the Topic Planner (all plans)

From the "SEO Tools" tab, access the Topic Planner and search a query related to the documents you wish to create. Check off the sub-topics you'd like to create documents out of, and clicking the create button will create 1 document for each of the subtopics gathered in the "Content Plan" panel.

Once created, the documents will appear in your "Documents" dashboard.