AI Tool Commands

Pasting a command for an AI tool into the editor is possible if you click the / button on an empty line in the editor, and in the popup, search for the tool and click the tool you want.

Then after typing your text in the input box, click the "Insert Command" button.

Once inserted into the editor, put your cursor at the end of the command and click the "write" button or activate a keyboard shortcut (Command + Enter on Mac, Control + Enter on PC).

You can also paste the commands into the editor directly without bringing up the popup, and put your input inside the brackets (list of Frase default template commands further down the page).

List of commands for Frase default templates 

/frase attention interest desire action (aida) [your product description] [your audience]

/frase blog introduction [your blog title]

/frase blog title [your target keyword]

/frase bullet point to answers [your question]

/frase bullets to paragraphs [your bullets] [your title]

/frase definition [your topic]

/frase explain why [your why question]

/frase feature - benefit [your product description]

/frase how-to blog post [your title]

/frase featured snippet (numbered list) [your how-to topic]

/frase instagram caption [your topic]

/frase list of questions [your topic]

/frase listicle generator [your title]

/frase listicle ideas [your topic]

/frase meta description [your title] [your keyword]

/frase metaphor / analogy [your topic]

/frase next paragraph [your paragraph]

/frase next sentence [your first sentence]

/frase outline [your title] [your description]

/frase paragraph answer [your question]

/frase paragraph compression [your paragraph]

/frase paragraph finisher [your sentence]

/frase paragraph for heading [your heading]

/frase paragraph rewriter [your paragraph]

/frase paragraph with context [your context] [your heading]

/frase problem, agitate, solution (pas) [your issue description]

/frase product description [your product name] [your keywords]

/frase pros and cons [your topic]

/frase quora answer [your question]

/frase related topics [your question]

/frase sentence rewriter [your sentence]

/frase sentence rewriter (formal) [your sentence]

/frase short answer [your question]

/frase slogan generator [your product description]

/frase summary bullets [your title] [your passages]

/frase taglines [your product description]

/frase talk tracks [your topic]

/frase title ideas [your title]

/frase value proposition [your brand name] [your problem to solve]

/frase youtube video ideas [your topic]