AI SERP Summarization

In order to summarize points from content in the SERP, navigate to the "Outline" tab on the right side of your Frase document and click "Explore SERP" to see a view of the header structures of the SERP results. Then from these results, click the headers (which will turn green when selected) you wish to use for summarization.

Click the "Summarize" tab and click the "summarize" button.

Once the summarized points are outputted, you can click "paste summaries" to input those summarized points into the document, or click the "re-summarize" button to redo summarization on all headers.

If you wish to delete, re-summarize or expand upon a certain header (not all), you can do so with the three buttons designated for the actions under each header (which appear after summarizing stops).

After summarization is completed, you could also click "write draft" to get an AI-written draft in your document's editor.