WordPress Integration

The WordPress plug-in allows access to Frase's optimization (read more about optimization here) from inside the WordPress editor. This add-on is available to Frase customers on an active Basic or Team Plan

To enable the WordPress plug-in, follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to Account --> Integrations page  and click "install plugin"

2. Click "Download" button on the following page

3. Navigate to your Frase document and click the green "Share" button, and copy one of the links shown in the popup. 

4. Navigate to WordPress and open a document, click the Frase icon at the top right, and then paste your Frase document link into the empty text field. Then, click "Link Document".

5. Once it's loaded, there will be results broken down by headers ("Top Results") and also access to the "Topic Score" (which is seen in the "Optimize" tab of Frase documents).