Creating Document

To create a new document from the Documents dashboard

1. Click the green "New document" button on the top right in the documents dashboard.

2. Enter "Target Search Query" and then click "Create Document" button. Frase will then process the results and show the editor experience. Before creating a document, if you want to import a URL to extract its content, make sure "Optimize existing content" is selected at the top and input the URL.

Create a new document from Outline Builder tab

Navigate to "SEO Tools" tab; once there, select "Outline Builder". Search the keyword in the text field and then check options from "Related Questions" section; lastly, click green "Create Documents" button at the top right.

Create a new document from Content Analytics

Navigate to "SEO Tools" and select "GSC content analytics". From there, you can search by keyword and create documents by clicking the "+" next to the Query or Page.

Create a new document from Topic Planner

Navigate to the "Topic Planner" tool under the "SEO Tools" section. Once there, you can input your search query, select your topics and create new documents by clicking the green "create documents" button in the top right corner of the page.