Formatting Toolbar

There are various options for formatting in the Frase editor as shown in the screenshot below:

  • Undo and redo: Arrows located on the far left to undo and redo editing that was done
  • Save button: Click the Save button next to the arrows to force a save
  • Views: Enabled "Drag & Drop" and/or "Full Screen" mode
  • Download: Export document options
  • Paragraph: Dropdown menu that allows for paragraph formatting, or blockquote, in addition to headers (H1 to H4)
  • Bold, Italics, Underline: Classic formatting options with the standard icons
  • Text color: the "A" icon that can change the color of text
  • Background color: The marker icon which changes the color behind the text (yellow to act as a highlight for example)
  • Alignment: Center and left alignment options
  • Indenting: Indent right and left
  • Lists: Bullet points, numbered list and checklist available
  • Tables: Click the three-dot icon and decide what the table layout will be
  • Import media: Click the three-dot icon and click the image icon to import an image, or the video icon to insert a video