Sentence Rewrite and Next Sentence Writing

Frase allows you re-work specific passages by highlighting the section on your document and utilizing AI writing at the passage level, sentence-by-sentence.

Highlight text in your editor and click "AI Writer", and then click "Rewrite".

The menu below will pop up. If you highlight a full paragraph with multiple sentences, you can click the arrows on the right side to toggle between sentences.

These three tabs listed below are core to the function of the passage writer:

  • Rewrite: rewrite your sentence in a selected passage
  • Next: write your next sentence
  • Formal: rewrite with a different tone

If you have a thin paragraph let's say, and you want to fill out further, try using the "next" option. Or if you want to begin rephrasing any content in the editor, "rewrite" and "formal" would be the options to try.