Creating Your First Frase Document

Frase uses AI to help you create and optimize better content, faster. Documents are the fundamental feature inside Frase that help you accomplish these objectives.

Inside a Frase Document, you can do any and all of the following: 

  • Content Research & Outlining
    • Research content on the SERP
    • Quickly design content outlines
    • Automatically generate content briefs
    • Fill in pre-made content brief templates with SERP content
  • Content Writing
    • Use Frase's AI Writer for content writing
    • Use side-by-side comparisons as you're writing
  • Content Optimization
    • Optimize a published URL for SEO
    • Optimize an unpublished draft for SEO

Follow the steps below to create your first document:

Step 1: Click Documents --> New Document

First, click "Documents" on the left menu (shown below) and then click "New Document".

Step 2: Choose your Workflow

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to write or research new SEO content? Or are you focused on optimizing content for SEO?

Select accordingly in the highlighted section below.

Step 3: Specify your Target Search Query

Your target search query is the Google search term you want to rank for. So for example, if you run a website about dieting, you might want to target a search query like: 

"What foods can you eat while on the Keto Diet?"

The goal being that if someone searches the above question in Google, your content will appear as a result.

How to Write a Good Target Search Query

Since Frase literally Google searches your target query, your search query can neither be too complex (resulting in few, if any, relevant Google search results) nor too general (resulting in an ocean of irrelevant results).

For example, let's imagine that we want to create content that will rank for search queries related to Enterprise Cloud Accounting Softwares.


The search query above is comically broad, and will result in many irrelevant results, including results about rainclouds. Why? Because if you were to Google "Cloud" you would get results about rainclouds. Frase works the same way.

Best Enterprise Cloud Accounting Softwares for Drone Companies Based in Nebraska with between 300 to 360 Employees

The above query is far too complex. It's unlikely that you'd find any relevant results if you were to search this in Google, and similarly, you're unlikely to find relevant results in Frase.

Best Enterprise Cloud Accounting Softwares for Ecommerce Companies

The above is an excellent target search query. Not too general and not too specific, it's just right. Both Google and Frase would return relevant search results for this query.

When in doubt about your search query, try running your ideas through a regular Google Search. If you choose the option that returns the best quality Google results, you'll be in good shape when you apply that search query in Frase. 

Step 4: Advanced Settings

There are three advanced settings you can choose from:

  1. Search Type
    1. Top Google results: the default Frase behavior that returns the top Google search results for a search query
    2. Results from specific domain: this functionality allows you to target your search to a specific domain. For example, if your search query was "What is Inbound Marketing" you might want to target the website since they invented inbound marketing and have lots of high quality results on the topic. Selecting this option would return only results for your target query.
  2. Country
    1. Choose the country you'd like to rank in. Frase will return the top Google results in that geography.
  3. Language
    1. Choose the language you're creating content in.