Generating Content with Smart Lists

Navigate to Smart Lists

Smart Lists is a feature allowing for a quick way to get list-style text generated from context. Click the "+" icon on a blank line for example, and then move your cursor over Smart Lists, and you can select any of the options shown in the screenshot below: Topics, Questions, Outline and Takeaways

Topics: Produces a list of topics related to the context above

Questions: Produces a list of questions branching off of the context above

Outline: Produces parts of an outline branching off of the context above

Takeaways: Produces takeaways regarding the context above

You can also highlight specific text in the editor to target only that context, and then click "AI Shortcuts" and move your cursor over Smart Lists (see screenshot below)

Generating Content off of Smart List Output

You can generate more content off of Smart List output. For example, the header generated via a Smart List, "7 Steps to Successful Email Marketing Campaigns", is guided into a list by writing "a)" to start it off and then pressing Command + Enter on Mac (Control + Enter on PC). 

If it reads "How to develop a successful email marketing campaign?" for example, then to start, you could plug that question into the Paragraph Answer template, or just manually write a partial sentence related to that question and then run the AI writer with the usual keyboard shortcut.

Below is the screenshot showing the initial list output on "7 Steps to Successful Email Marketing Campaigns" after typing a) and running the writer.

Since it doesn't already branch off to section B, just to ensure it follows the pattern, type b) as shown in the screenshot below and press Command + Enter on Mac (Control + Enter on PC). 

After pressing Command + Enter on Mac (Control + Enter on PC) multiple times, the screenshot below shows the AI-written content at steps a) through g), accounting for all 7 Steps mentioned in the header generated from a Smart List.

You can also use the template options to get variations of the paragraphs above using the "Paragraph Rewriter" template, or maybe using the "Paragraph finisher" template by taking a first sentence and running the template, or adjusting the context to make sure it includes "email marketing", or related keywords, if your results fall short initially. Learn more about templates here.