Overview: Public Templates

Do you have a template that you want to share with the Frase community? Submit it and (after we review it to make sure it's both original and insightful) we'll publish it on our public template library.

We believe in giving credit where credit is due, so we'll list you as the author and link out to you or your company's website. If you used the template you're submitting to create an article you published, provide a URL to that article in the form and we'll direct our audience towards that as well.

Here's an example of what it will look like:

This template was created by Matt Hurley at  Frase, who used it to write  this article )

Frase has tens of thousands of users, so this is a great opportunity to get some exposure!

Here are the core elements we need from you:

1. Template Name: This should be as simple and clear as possible. Something like "Jeff's Awesome Template" won't work.

For example, if you submit a Public Template that is an outline for a pillar page, your title should have the words "Pillar Page" in it, otherwise your template may not reach the right audience. 
2. Template Type: Select whether you are submitting a "Manual Template" or an "AI Template." Definitions below:
Manual Templates: These are most often used for hand-curated content research that you then hand off to a writer. For example you may have a specific format that you like to use for content briefs or outlines.You can format that brief as a template and share it with the community here.  Here is an example of a Manual Template.
AI Templates: These are templates that are used by Frase's AI Writer to structure AI-generated content in any format you can imagine. Here is an example of an AI
3. Company Name and Company URL: This info is how we'll give you credit for your work. With thousands of users, this should be great exposure for you/your company.
4. Published Article URL (Optional): We'll link out to this article when we give you credit for the template. This is great for two reasons 1) it provides an example of the kind of content one can expect to create using your template and 2) it can show off some of your writing which could lead to future potential clients.
5. Template URL: This is how we'll access your template. Make sure you follow these directions: navigate to Frase, then open "Templates" on the left side menu-->select the template you want to share-->click the "share" button on the upper right hand side-->paste that link into the form.

6. Template Description: The description should start with "This template..." to ensure it reaches the right audience. The rest of the description should provide a basic overview of the type of content someone should expect to create with the template.