Trigger AI Templates Inline, Plus Multi-Input

Easily triggering all templates (custom and default) within your editor is the key here. 

To trigger templates in the editor, press / while your cursor is on an empty line, and the popup shown in the screenshot below will appear so that you can search for the template you'd like to use, and as you type in the search bar, it will bring up options to select.

After you select a template from the dropdown menu and then write or paste text, click "Run Template" to get output, and before running it, you can slide the "Creativity" bar to diversify output (screenshot below).

Instead of "Run Template", you can also "Insert Command" and then press Control + Enter (on Windows) or Command + Enter (on Mac) to run it in the editor.

Multi-input option

Navigate to "Templates" tab on the right-side panel under AI Writer, so that the template view is appearing on the right side of the screen, instead of in-line. Then click "+New Input" text to add another input, and then when you run a template, the AI will write output in the editor for each input. To delete an input, just click the red trash can icon.

Test a custom template if default template isn't meeting needs

The AI can customize itself based on written samples, so if one of the templates isn't giving desired results or maybe you have an idea for a new one, feel free to create a custom template with a few samples.

Title, Introduction, and Outline Commands

Title Ideas

/frase write title ideas about [topic]

Blog Introduction

/frase write an introduction about [topic]


/frase write an outline about [title]

Answer Commands

Short Answer

/frase write a short answer about [question]

Paragraph Answer

/frase write a paragraph answer about [question]

Bullets to Answers

/frase write bullet answers about [question]

Paragraph Commands

Paragraph for Heading

/frase write a paragraph for heading about [heading]

Rewrite Paragraph

/frase rewrite the paragraph [insert paragraph]

Compress Paragraph

/frase compress the paragraph [insert paragraph]

Next Paragraph

/frase write next paragraph for paragraph [insert paragraph]

Paragraph Finisher

/frase paragraph finisher [insert one sentence]

List Commands

Related Topics

/frase write a list of related topics about [topic]


/frase write a list of questions about [topic]

Copywriting Frameworks


/frase write a AIDA about [product description]


/frase write a PAS about [product description]

Before After Bridge

/frase write a BAB about [product description]