Automatic FAQs from SERP

Frase uses AI-powered Text Generation to help you automatically generate FAQs for your article. The question is generated by AI and then is matched to snippets of content directly from that source. This feature is particularly useful for those who are looking to: 

  • Rank for featured snippets 
  • Structure Content Briefs and Outlines
  • Shorten your customers’ buying journeys. 
  • Capture more search visibility opportunities.

To generate an FAQ, first create a document.

Once you've created a document, click the "Write FAQ" button below a competitor's summary in the "Research" tab in the right-side panel. 

Frase will use that competitor's content to automatically generate an FAQ inside your document.

Generating FAQs will take about 3-5 seconds. The end result will look something like the image below. Depending on how much content is under the source and how understandable the content is, you can generate from as little as a couple questions to 10+ questions at once.

The resulting content is a combination of unique AI-generated content and snippets taken from the source's content. 

  • The question is AI-generated and often unique (highlighted in red below taken from a cryptocurrency FAQ)
  • The Answer is a research snippet taken directly from the source (highlighted in blue below)

You can also use multiple inputs at once with the AI writer to write automatic FAQ's with the "Paragraph Answer" tool: more details about AI writer tools here.