Using Brief Templates

Using Featured Templates

Creating A Custom Template

Some teams have a preferred and agreed-upon format for content briefs. Creating custom templates in Frase will allow you to use your preferred format whenever you create new content in Frase. 

To create a custom brief, follow these steps:

First, create a new document. Once in the Document Editor, click "Import Template" in the Content Brief tab as shown below:

Select "create custom template."

Enter the name of the template and click "create template."

Copy and paste your preferred template into the blank editor.

Once complete, the template will automatically save in the "Templates" folder on the Document Overview page

Navigate to Templates tab to view, edit or create Team's brief templates

Click "Templates" on the left-side menu in Frase, and then you can see "All Templates" (includes custom AI writer templates) or "Manual" templates which will only show custom Brief templates across your team in Frase. You can click these templates to view and edit them, or click the green "New Template" button and create a new one from there. 

Import Custom Template From Another User (not in your Team)

If you are looking to give another user in Frase access to a custom template outside of your Team, click on the Template and then click the green "Share" button and copy the link there, and send this link to the other user.

When that user puts this link into the browser (needs to be logged into Frase in that browser), the template will appear and the user will want to press the "Import Template" button at the top right (as pictured below) to gain access to that template.