How to Optimize and Refresh Old Content with Frase

Creating brand new content is only half the battle. A good SEO strategy also means keeping tabs on the performance of existing content so that you can revive and refresh content that's lagging in the rankings.

A content refresh is like spring cleaning for your existing web content — think of it as a home improvement project that needs to be done periodically in order to maintain a healthy and high-performing website. It may involve re-writing content to be more current, optimizing content so that it's topically relevant, and identifying and filling content caps in your current content. 

A topic gap can be defined as the space between what users are seeking out on the web, and the results they receive. It is essentially a gap in content that needs to be filled in order to fulfill search intent.

With Frase, it's easy to identify the topic gaps on your site. You can then use this insight to develop a content refresh strategy focused on filling those gaps and improving the rankings of existing content. 

In this guide, we'll cover the following: 

  • Why it's Necessary to Optimize and Refresh Old Content 
  • Using Frase to Optimize and Refresh Old Content 
    • Identifying Content that Needs to be Refreshed 
    • How to Optimize Old Content with Frase

Why it's Necessary to Optimize and Refresh Old Content 

Most of the time, content needs to be refreshed because it was never optimized for SEO at the outset. This is a common mistake--especially for newer websites that tend to focus most of their attention on quantity over quality. 

If you're an SEO starting a new job or working with a new client, you'll definitely want to analyze the SEO performance of the content on your company or client's site early on in your tenure. 

It's also quite common for SEO optimized content to become irrelevant over time. New industry players, jargon, and best practices may have emerged since your content was last published. With Frase, it's easy to return this outdated and underperforming content to its former glory.

Using Frase to Optimize and Refresh Old Content 

Frase makes it easy to identify the topic gaps in your content that need to be filled in order to improve its performance. Once you know which content needs to be optimized, Frase's state-of-the-art NLP technology helps you do so in minutes. 

Identifying Content that Needs to be Refreshed

Frase accesses data from your website’s Google Search Console to list and cluster the questions your audience is asking on Google. It then uses this data to help you identify the topic gaps on your website. 

Step 1: Connect your Google Search Console

Frase has a 1-click Google Search Console integration. To enable it navigate from Settings-->Integrations-->Google Search Console (as shown below).

Step 2: Review Topic Clusters

Once you’ve enabled the Google Search Console integration, Frase will access all of the major queries inside your account. Frase uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the context of every question or keyword, and then groups them into topic clusters (highlighted in red below). 

Activity data, such as number of impressions, SERP position, clicks, and click-through-rate (CTR) are available to help you prioritize which topics deserve your attention (highlighted in blue). 

Using this data, Frase makes custom recommendations (highlighted in in green) to help guide your decision making. 

Step 3: Review questions/keywords and performance data 

Click into a topic cluster to view the individual questions and keywords associated with that cluster. You can also see the activity data associated with each question/keyword. Want to create content that answers a specific question or addresses a certain topic? Click "Start Document" to generate a content brief automatically.

How to Optimize Old Content with Frase 

To get started with optimizing existing content with Frase, all you need is a URL. Check out this video tutorial to dive in.