Documents FAQ

This FAQ is organized in the following sections: 

  • Folders & Sharing - Answers to common questions about folders and sharing 
  • Templates - Using and accessing Frase templates
  • Troubleshooting - fixing issues with your documents

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Folders & Sharing

1. What is a Document?

A document is an AI-powered content creation tool that you can use to generate content briefs, optimize existing content, or write content from scratch.

Using Frase documents exponentially increases the speed at which you can create high-quality content by automating the most tedious aspects of the research process. 

2. How do I share Documents with my Team?

To share documents with specific users, you'll want to make sure that you give them permission to access the folder in which your documents are stored. Check out this guide to get started.

3. How do I share Documents with outside writers?

Many Frase users collaborate closely with outside writers and editors. If this is the case, you’ll want to use the export feature to easily share and deliver your document to your colleagues, wherever they are. Click here to get started.

4. Can other users see my Documents?

Users can only see documents inside folders they're given permission to access. So if you want to prevent access to certain documents, you merely won't give those users access to the folder in which they're stored.

5. How do I use folders to organize documents?

Folders are the system that Frase uses to help you organize your documents. Check out this guide to get started.


1. How do I create a custom template?

To create a custom template, navigate to "Templates" and create "Manual" or "AI" templates. Or create a document, then click "Import Template", then click "create custom template."

2. How do I import a template from another user? 

User will need to click the green "Share" button, copy the link in the popup window and then send that link to whoever wants to import the template. Simply open the link when you're logged into Frase, and press the green "Import" button to get the template.


1. Why can't the other users on my team see the Documents I've shared with them?

First, double check to see the user is added to that particular folder by clicking "edit folder" text at the top of the documents dashboard. And also, if a non-admin user hasn't created at least one document in Frase, the user will need to do so before accessing Documents that other users have shared.

2. Trouble with Wordpress integration?

The Wordpress Integration is being depreciated due to security rule issues, but will come back in plug-in form (similar to our Google Docs add-on)

3. Typed my query using a supported language, but results aren't right when the doc is created?

Make sure that before you create a document, you click the gray "Advanced Settings" text and select the right language in the "Language" dropdown before creating the document.