Welcome and Getting Started

Our mission

Welcome to Frase! Our mission is to empower companies like yours to deliver answers everywhere. 

The way people search for information has changed. Today, the customer journey starts with a question — not a keyword — and consumers expect answers. This fundamental change in behavior is what drives everything we do.

In this Answer Economy, companies lose business every time they can’t deliver real-time answers to their customers. And questions come from many channels, such as search, chat, and voice.

How Frase works

Frase pulls your existing website content from places like website FAQ's, landing pages, or a Help Center and uses that content to deliver answers to your audiences' questions wherever they're asked.

With Frase, it's easy to improve website conversion by bringing high-intent organic traffic to your site and engaging with value-add experiences once they're there. 

Our products

There are two main products on the Frase platform:

Frase Content

With Frase Content, you can research, create, and optimize SEO content that drives results in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Create content Briefs in seconds, not hours. Learn how
  • Understand the user intent of your audience. Learn how
  • Optimize content to improve rankings. Learn how.
  • Identify topic gaps on your website. Learn how.

To get started with Frase Content, click here.

Frase Answers

Frase Answers is a new breed of intelligent search that uses your website content to answer your visitors' questions.

  • Use existing website content to automatically answer site visitor questions 
  • Implement in minutes, not weeks
  • Deliver a self-service experience your visitors love: no decision trees, qualification forms, or waiting 3 days for a human to respond
  • Capture audience insights and decipher user intent 

To get started with Frase Answers, click here.