Getting Started with Frase Answers

Frase Answers is a new breed of intelligent chatbot that uses your website content to answer your visitors' questions.

How It Works

At a high level, these are the main steps you need to take to implement Frase Answers:

  1. Crawl: Frase ingests all of your webpages and creates an intelligent knowledge base
  2. Customize: make sure your Assistant looks great, and customize greeting messages, integrations, etc.
  3. Train: create Assistant-specific content that might not be available on your website. Make sure the basics are covered.
  4. Test: use Frase's Test Sandbox to test performance.
  5. Install: installation takes 1 line of code on your website.
  6. Learn & Optimize: leverage Frase's Analytics to identify topic gaps, and optimize your content.

Glossary of Key Terms

  • Assistant: a chatbot-like widget that loads on your website.
  • Crawl: a collection of webpages ingested and indexed by Frase.
  • Trained Answer: content created inside Frase to answer a particular question.
  • Dataset: a collection of Trained Answers.
  • Analytics: the dashboard that displays insights related to how website visitors engage your Assistant.
  • Assistant Test Sandbox: the testing environment where you can test your Assistant prior to Installation.
  • Assistant Installation: the process of installing the Assistant on your website.

Help Articles 

  • Assistant Settings: how to Customize your Assistant.
  • Crawler: guides to get started with crawling your website.
  • Datasets: how to train answers and design custom experiences.
  • Installation: how to install your Assistant on your website.
  • Analytics: how to analyze your Assistant's engagement and performance.