VIDEOS: How do I share documents with other users?

To share documents with specific users, you'll want to make sure that you give them permission to access the folder in which your documents are stored, and also you'll want to know how to create a folder in the first place.

How to create a folder

To create a folder, click the Folder menu at the top of your document overview page and then click "+Create new folder" from the dropdown menu. Then name the folder and invite the users who you want to have access to that folder.

How to invite Team members to a folder

To invite users to a folder, select the folder that you'd like to invite them to and click "edit folder" at the top of your screen. Then invite the users that you'd like to add. Your teammates can only see and edit your documents if you've added the documents to a folder that you've given them permission to access. 

Sharing Frase Documents with Others (outside of Frase Team)

Many Frase users collaborate closely with outside writers and editors. If this is the case, you’ll want to use the export features (shown below), to easily share and deliver your document to your colleagues, wherever they are. With this tool, you can export Frase documents a variety of different ways:

  • Share Content Brief (read only) -- via green "Share" button: exports only the Content Brief tab and prevents users from being able to edit the content.
  • Share Full Document (editable) -- via green "Share" button: exports both the Content Brief tab and the My Content tab, as well as the research Frase has generated for your search query.
  • Copy to Clipboard: selects all the content in your document so you can easily paste it into MS Word, Google Docs, or other.
  • PDF: export whichever tab selected in PDF format
  • HTML: export via HTML as plain text

To export your document while you're in the editor, click the "Download" for red outlined menu below, or click the green "Share" button: